Masonic East Wing Redevelopment


The construction of the Masonic East Wing Development in 2014 was undertaken to create living spaces for 8 residents, incorporating a family room for entertainment and social activities, a kitchen that creates a sense of self existence.

The demolition of the existing building had its challenges. While demolishing the existing building, the main stream sections of Masonic Peace Haven had to continue all operations uninterrupted. The residents were sectioned off from the new works with panelled doorways, to keep heat in and dust out. The outcome was 8 self-contained living chalets with main family, dining and sitting rooms shared, the ambiance created has been warm and inviting. These residents enjoy the social aspect of the newly constructed East Wing and this is seen with their enthusiasm for the TV room on football days. The area was constructed without delay and caused minimal disruptions for the existing residents and staff.

Photo Gallery

View photos of the Masonic East Wing Redevelopment.