Inside Café and Retail Development


Describing this entry does not give it the justice it deserves. The transformation of the ground floor of an existing Heritage listed building that had been a rundown retail outlet into a beautiful cafe / retail therapy centre included the complete gut out of the existing fittings, walls and concrete floors.

Being Heritage listed meant that there were elements that had to remain after the renovation.

These included retaining the exposed blue stone foundation, associated exposed brickwork and also the convict bars on the windows, all which became stunning features by the end of the project.

With the help of an excavator - inside the building - the area was demolished, dug out and re-concreted, finishing with timeless polished concrete floor space in the retail outlet, and timber floating floor - for a more homely feel - in the cafe side.

The renovation not only enhanced the original heritage features, but also complimented them with the addition of specialised work areas such as fully functional catering facilities, a scullery and cold store, Barista station, Staff locker area, toilet and bathroom facilities and an amazing retail store and change rooms all with self-storage at the rear of the building.

This huge commercial area uses timber and glass walls that enable the cafe customers to view fantastic displays of the home-wares, jewellery, gift ware, cosmetics and clothing and also offers the ability to walk into the retail side of the building without stepping onto the street through glass sliding doors.

A window was removed which led to an under pinning exercise that was to hold up almost an entire 5 storey building in order to put a necessary lintel in place. This feature has now become a servery enabling food delivery from the kitchen to awaiting tables.

The use of timber furniture, appropriate joinery and shelving and inviting staff adds a warm friendly atmosphere to this century old building. The way in which the retail side is set out is remarkable, using hanging displays that do not encumber in any way the brick and blue stone walls, but instead use them as a back drop for clothing and accessories.

This building has been a previous winner in the Launceston Heritage Awards for the Artas Centre - which is located 2 floors above the Inside Cafe and Inside Home and Gifts outlet. The Artas Centre was also an R and S Rosier Construction project in 2010.


Being that the Building is heritage listed had its own set of remarkable challenges, these included the retaining of existing blue stone walls and exposed brick work. Public access was also an issue as the upper levels of th building remained fully functional throughout the project, allowing public access to these areas was at times challenging. Demolition debris had to be kept at a minimum as to not interfere with the upper levels with dust, noise and rubbish removal.

As the location of Inside Cafe and Home and Gifts is situated on a busy street, there had to be set delivery times for materials, trucks, concrete and all other items associated with such an amazing project. The use of a mini excavator with in the building meant that there had to be appropriate OH & S measures put in place and follow with extreme precaution.

Site Preparation

As the building was existing there was minimal underground work required, but there was gas works, plumbing, mechanical works, and electrical that needed to be intricately programmed into the existing surrounding building - without disturbing any other business or building structures. the main concerns were to include the exposed building features and enhance them rather than cover them up with wires and cables. Included are extensive pictures of the before, during and after processes that were undertaken while this project was carried out in the 4 month time frame detailing the difficulties throughout the levels of construction.

Project Value


Additional variations (by client request): $4,000

Construction Time

 14 weeks
Extension of time: Nil

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This building has been featured in The St Helens Times, Timber Tasmania, The Examiner, and the East Coast News (view article).