Rosier Constructions has completed a range of industrial projects to date, most recently the Swanston Park Estate in Waverley, and the complete refurbishment of Launceston Mitsubishi.

Our capabilities

Rosier has a proven record of managing projects as head building contractors.

We use a range of materials and techniques to create buildings that are beautiful and functional, and will reuse / recycle existing building materials wherever possible to help minimise the cost and environmental impact of the project.

Rosier always quotes a guaranteed maximum price with no variations (unless the client chooses to change the scope of the project after it has started). We take pride in our consistent track-record of completing projects within the timeframes and budget specified, with extensions requested only when poor weather makes construction impossible.


We have long-term relationships with developers and many of our clients, with repeat business making up a significant part of our work. We believe one of the reasons we get so much repeat work is because our clients recognise that we do the best job with the budget available.

But don't just take our word for it! See what some of our lovely clients have to say about working with us.

Contact us

If you have an industrial construction project you would like Rosier Constructions to tender for, please get in touch. We have a proven tender process in place, and are always happy to provide detailed tenders with breakdowns of cost and timeframes.

Phone Toni Rosier on (03) 6339 1088 or email us.